*pours 50g of cereal into a bowl*

*opens the milk*


*tastes the milk*

*pours the cereal back into the box*

@rubah That is definitely not the worst possible outcome for this scenario.

@mcmoots definitely.

I've learned through past experience that for some reason, I can't *taste* whether the milk is bad until it stops being on my tongue, and the reflexive move is to swallow it. Fortunately, I was able to suppress that this time.

I don't know what it is, but while the milk is sitting in my mouth, on my tongue, I can't gauge it. maybe has something to do with the way taste sensors work, idk

@mcmoots but I had some yogurt, so I actually made kind of a parfait sort of thing

@rubah A lot of the bad taste of off milk is actually smell that reaches your nose via the back of your mouth, I think. So if you're not moving the material around back there you don't get hit by it as much?

I figure the harm of bad milk for me is mainly that I have to experience the flavor, usually the organisms that make it go off aren't super problematic, I have good stomach acid and immunocompetency. So I don't worry about swallowing once that damage has been done.

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