@shoeberto wasn't there a comp sci professor at uark working on chicken genetics research? Do you remember his name?

@rubah uhhh... not specifically. We had the Tyson school of whatever, which involved some sort of chicken/ag stuff I think? I remember going to a talk at the building once. And I remember a CS prof who taught a course on genetic algorithms independent of that. That's all that comes to mind immediately.

Do you have any more context? tbh I don't think I could tell you any of my CS profs areas of research from back then, just coursework.

@shoeberto I don't remember any more other than we thought it was hilarious back then that comp sci guy would be doing genetics. I'll just assume it was mr. dr. gauch

Was this before bioinformatics got big? When I first heard you could do biology with computers my head went boom in hs

@krzyzis @rubah I think so... actually I remember first learning of bioinformatics at U of A from either another student or a prof. This would have been maybe 2007/8? That's probably who this prof was, but I'm just not remembering.

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