train is coming to a halt (out of money, lol), so time to switch to the next adventure.

I can't even be mad, tho.
1) I didn't expect to still be there after the end of the year
2) I've learned more in 4 months than I did in the last year at my old job
3) I'm lucky enough to be financially well-off enough that this actually gives me the time back for some projects I've been thinking about...

I just gotta figure out what to go for!

I can however, be *sad* because it is a blow to the confidence, and being on the job-hunt sucks. Plus, we had a great group that's being broken up, which is always a shame.

There's been lots of tears off and on, but also lots of exciting conversations and soul-searching. My boss even said if I was going to start working on my own thing, I was still welcome to work in the office xD

Oh, another positive (wtf?) is that I needed to make a little less taxable income this year anyway due to Reasons, so this kinda worked out, in a weird way.

(I took an ACA health insurance benefit when I was originally unemployed and didn't see fit to update them when I got a job, relying instead on dumping money into a 401k, which got dropped a couple months ago, leaving me several $$$$ in taxable income above where I wanted to be for the year)

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