Don't think it's ever taken this long to cook chickpeas for . Three hours on the stove x.x. Wonder if it's because I didn't have any baking soda to add to the cooking water

Yes, yes it was, in fact, not using baking soda. High pH helps them cook and releases their skins.

My boyfriend came over and asked if it was really worth this much effort.

"Sure, it tastes better and is kinda fun... Kinda"


They're definitely called chickpeas after how they look like little chickens

Should probably stop eating these before they're even blended up

hummus and pita are both done. waiting for bf to be off the clock so we can enjoy

@rubah about cooking time: I soak them in water a couple of hours before and then cook them - it takes way less time this way

@rubah and they still took 3h to cook??? Thats some chickpeas with superpowers

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