@kioskwitch I have had this phrase in my head for several years now, and I don't know where it came from, but it kinda legitimately freaks me out a little - "beware the night jar"

It was a cappuccino, so between that and the glass mug, it wasn't exactly piping hot

This place served me coffee in a clear glass mug and the first thing I do is look at the bottom to see how long it takes a packet of sugar in the raw to dissolve. (About 3 sessions of what I would consider a normal stir)

I came up with the best leaf management method for lawns:

mow the grass fairly short after it's stopped growing but before leaves fall

wait for leaves to fall then mow again with the mulch bag attachment

dump mulched leaves onto garden plot. Hopefully all of the grass seed has mostly sunk down by this point and you end up with primarily leaf matter

finally, cover mulched leaves with polk sallet stalks and the sticks you used for cucumber trellising back in the summer

@bryn the slow audio processing is good in some cases because I can zone out and determine that I need to have been paying attention before the last bit of audio was processed, lol. Mostly used that with my ex, but it's good in business meetings, too.

@bryn I got this classic response when I worked customer service and asked for clarification, "I'm sorry?"

"I'm sorry, too, but your company needs to fix its product."

people with slow audio processing who say "pardon" and then realise what the person they're talking to said as they start repeating themself - can I get a huh???

length--modified Blest Be the Tie 2b Humanist 

@emsenn making your own candy might be praxis, but scaring people off from making popcorn balls or caramel apples or handmade candy is 100% consumerism.

@nosimpleway I don't know the meme, but I love a well-painted toy

@nosimpleway where are these from? did they actually make toys based on BtAS or did someone handmake them?

@auntiekiki phew, looks like it's gonna be some chilly trick or treating.

is it safe to store small amounts of data inside image files divided into rectangles, where each rectangle's color would mean three bytes of data? like the famous blu-ray encryption key flag. will social networks' image compression change the colors? would it be possible add some kind of correction code?

(this isn't something practical, i'm just curious)

How Do We Preserve the Vanishing Foods of the Earth?

*Includes a very interesting story about the birthplace of apples.


Still working on my raised bed. The wood has softened after being rained on a little. Also I am drilling larger pilot holes for the screws. I only have my one drill for both drilling and driving screws, so I'm changing bits a lot. I could really use another drill at some point.

my mom has told me before that I'm too optimistic. it's easier than despair, tbh

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