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But keeping physical cards is a pain for consumers, so digitizing them increases utilization and again lowers the barrier to entry: make it very easy to reload a "card".

But you can't use that if you're out of data and can't connect to the sbux card service. Therefore, make that easy, too

Just realized the ingenuity of Starbucks adding wifi to their shops-increasing foot traffic into their stores, of course, but also lowering the barrier to entry for using Starbucks app for paying.

Allowing credit card charges for very small amounts eats into margin due to processing fees. By processing larger amounts at a time, sbux saves money on the incremental charges that are no longer collected by the credit processor, just the initial card load and any reloads

apologies for the delay..... but autumn witch is here! 🍂

18 pages include 5 illustrations, tips, basic info, and a couple 3-card tarot spreads.

download for free/pay what you want on my gumroad now! 🖤

the ocean is a lesbian who is always trying to reach her girlfriend the moon

There are two genders: knitting and crocheting

So here's one interesting data point: the Bayou Corne sinkhole. It sits roughly ~ between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA -- directly in the floodplain. It started off small, was 97124.64 m^2 (~) in 2013, and currently is 149733.8 m^2, or over 37 acres.

Mother Jones magazine wrote in 2013:

"Bayou Corne is the biggest ongoing industrial disaster in the United States you haven’t heard of. In addition to creating a massive sinkhole, it has unearthed an uncomfortable truth: Modern mining and drilling techniques are disturbing the geological order in ways that scientists still don’t fully understand. Humans have been extracting natural resources from the earth since the dawn of mankind, but never before at the rate and magnitude of today’s petrochemical industry."

In another story, it was revealed that the chemical plant operators responsible for creating the hole were informed of the risks almost 40 years ago.

"Even though Vulcan never shared its 1980 "multimillion dollar gamble" memo and others with Texas Brine, Kliebert noted Texas Brine had received a warning from a geologist in the early 1980s that creating the cavern was "likely a risky proposition." He added the record was "replete" with warnings to both companies before the cavern was created that the edge of the salt dome was a "serious issue".


its wild that all the browser manufacturers competing with google are now explicitly building anti tracking features into the browsers

The autumn rains have brought about the possibility of #nasturtium pesto. I've been waiting for this stage of growth all summer.

I just realized the etymological relationship between rhinoceros and, say, rhinoplasty.

(That is, a creature having its horn on its NOSE)

New blog post: One thousand women of STEM! (

Today I created my 1000th Wikipedia biography of women in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and other areas of science and technology. The post lists some of the highlights of this set.

I copied a database using ssms today.

This felt more impressive when I actually accomplished it...

Does anyone here have experience with growing eggplants in a temperate, semi-continental climate? I have a question.

Omg, this is some great #linguistics, thanks to @InspectorCaracal I have found this wonderful Wikipedia page about how all of the world is doing horribly wonderful things with the English language:

You can't stop us, we'll do whatever we want with this language and think it's still English!

The playlist at this pizza place is always like 50% Dave Matthews band and 50% other misc 90s pop

Job search, software/web development, :boost_ok: 

it makes me mad to imagine that there's all these >1mil houses (in arkansas, yes) surrounding this tree, and they don't even know or appreciate it being there

I found an

This tree is next to a road in an area that has only recently been developed, so there's still a lot of native plants and trees (they're doing their best to eliminate those, though 😢)

I spotted it from the road a couple days ago and went back today. The really aged fruit had rolled down the road about 50', the two spotted green ones were windfalls already, and the bright green fell when I shook a branch

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