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Ongoing introduction. 

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I was referred here by We Hunted The Mammoth, as a replacement for the other thing. Not this specific instance. I kinda picked at random 😅 and it sounded like the best fit.

Early 30s, femme, head stuff, yarn fun, food, dog longing, work complaints, writer, left Pol, true crime, TV workouts, and so much Star Trek
Apparently, I have a blog.
Occasional ESL teacher, and US Civics.

Currently thinking about Grad School.

like my followers-only toots were talking about, i've been feeling pretty spiritual in the past few days, and i want to hone my intuition and insight while the kick lasts, so:

i'm offering :sigil: free tarot readings :sigil: to anyone who wants one, any questions, any spreads

:boost_ok: if you want to boost or link to someone you think might be interested, you're super welcome to :)

MacMillan dicking over Libraries- How to help 

House buying - 

No Sugar 

SVG of that Jewish anarchist symbol I made

It's CC-Zero... but if you like it and have any money to throw my way, consider supporting my work by getting a T-shirt:

Or buying me a cup of coffee:

Or becoming a supporter on Liberapay:

Or just throwing some money my way:

Being completely honest.
If I didn't know my body couldn't handle wheat, half of my posts would still be about breakfast burritos. I just don't like breakfast tacos as much and enchiladas require a bit more effort.

MBA and a lack of quality breakfast burritos is not how I thought my life would go when I was a 15 year old coming up with code names in arroyos in New Mexico.

We also did a webcomic using the names. I'd draw them in class and we had this plot that made a lot of sense at the time.

I think it was on livejournal or xanga.

Most of the ones I remember are about being in college at 16. Writing coming of age stories while you are coming of age is weird.
A lot of them were teenage girl insecurity, some were really regional specific, and probably half that we posted were about breakfast burritos.

Every now and then I feel like I should explain my handle because of contemporary slang and cultural changes.

I've been using it for half my life.
And it's mildly embarrassing.

In ~03 a study came out that said duck was the funniest word in the English language. It became my best friend's nickname, I got goose.
Savage was the last name of the person I was crushing on so hard. Best friend's crush's last name was secret.
Savage Goose, Secret Duck.
It became a thing.

I just used almost having an MBA as authority.
I feel mildly dirty.


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PSA: misdiagnosis in the neurodivergent and mh communities 

MBA ~ 

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