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Ongoing introduction. 

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I was referred here by We Hunted The Mammoth, as a replacement for the other thing. Not this specific instance. I kinda picked at random 😅 and it sounded like the best fit.

Early 30s, femme, head stuff, yarn fun, food, dog longing, work complaints, writer, left Pol, true crime, TV workouts, and so much Star Trek
Apparently, I have a blog.
Occasional ESL teacher, and US Civics.

Currently thinking about Grad School.

When you think of this world thirty years from today, what do you see?

(Take this however you want to. Personal, applicable to you and your own life or global or whatever.)

I got everything I need to make this stuffed jackalope.

Death - 

Death - 

Death - 

Goals after aging 

Beer photo 

Issues with Ohio, a curmudgeonly case study 

Issues with Ohio, a curmudgeonly case study 

I'm in Toledo, OH.
I'm trying to give Ohio a chance. But it's really not growing on me.

Photo of a large fake fish, assuming bass, which is a road sign in front of clouds.

USPol, guns 

To do list 

Hello, yes
I will be 31 on Saturday.

I still feel 22 in a lot of ways.

Self care + 

re: negative thoughts: what can we do? 

Mundane life vent 

when a company advertises a "machine learning" or AI approach, we should ask them

- what is the model you're using? no, I won't accept that it's proprietary info.
- what is your training set? is the data complete? no, quantity is not good enough. where are the blind spots and how have you consulted with experts in the field to correct them?
- have you received peer review? If not, there's the door. come back when you have.

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