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Ongoing introduction. 

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I was referred here by We Hunted The Mammoth, as a replacement for the other thing. Not this specific instance. I kinda picked at random πŸ˜… and it sounded like the best fit.

Early 30s, femme, head stuff, yarn fun, food, dog longing, work complaints, writer, left Pol, true crime, TV workouts, and so much Star Trek
Apparently, I have a blog.
Occasional ESL teacher, and US Civics.

Currently thinking about Grad School.

Physical health, poop - 

Physical health, poop - 

Nothing says American heartland like getting dinner at a Denny's in a Flying J.

There are few things I like more than that feeling when you are sitting down and a cat walks up and bumps noses with you before walking away.
Just a little bit of love and space respecting.

There are few things I dislike more than the process of renting a car.

His lyrics have this way to resonate through to today, feeling as fresh and needed as they were when they were written. The details have changed, but the story hasn't.

I've had Phil Ochs songs stuck in my head all day.

fascism, spainpol, asking for help-ish :boost_ok: 

Hot take, generational op-eds 

Hot take, generational op-eds 

He stopped listening to music to switch from bass heavy metal with questionable lyrics to jazz covers of Motown songs.
And spent a few measures stomping something directly over my head, which is always a little unnerving.

My upstairs neighbor appears to have gotten a new subwoofer.

If you are going to assign weekly projects, you should have them graded weekly.

Husband is on his way to a conference.

I am alone for a few days. This has rarely happened in my life.

Even when I lived alone, I lived in community. But my existence is much more lonesome now.

Current level of adult
Looking at urgent care wait times to prebook a walk in.

Currently working on sonnets to put into board books to give to Mom and mil if life takes that path.

Death ~ 

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