Every now and then I feel like I should explain my handle because of contemporary slang and cultural changes.

I've been using it for half my life.
And it's mildly embarrassing.

In ~03 a study came out that said duck was the funniest word in the English language. It became my best friend's nickname, I got goose.
Savage was the last name of the person I was crushing on so hard. Best friend's crush's last name was secret.
Savage Goose, Secret Duck.
It became a thing.

We also did a webcomic using the names. I'd draw them in class and we had this plot that made a lot of sense at the time.

I think it was on livejournal or xanga.

Most of the ones I remember are about being in college at 16. Writing coming of age stories while you are coming of age is weird.
A lot of them were teenage girl insecurity, some were really regional specific, and probably half that we posted were about breakfast burritos.


Being completely honest.
If I didn't know my body couldn't handle wheat, half of my posts would still be about breakfast burritos. I just don't like breakfast tacos as much and enchiladas require a bit more effort.

MBA and a lack of quality breakfast burritos is not how I thought my life would go when I was a 15 year old coming up with code names in arroyos in New Mexico.

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