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Shadow Firebird

(Huh. Posting this in UK AM probably means that almost no-one will see this, doesn't it? Well, whatever.)

I've been bullied on and off for most of my life in one way or another, and I simply won't stay in a place that condones bullying, even for what appears to be a good reason.
I want to specifically thank everyone who shared 'this is what it means to be ASD' conversation with me, because you really helped me understand that I was genuinely autistic as a kid, not 'sort of' 'maybe' or 'a bit'.
Take care, everyone.

Folks, I'm leaving the fediverse, and specifically Weirder Earth, for a while. Maybe for good.
When I got here I felt at home, safe, part of a community. I'm a pagan otherkin who's not at all comfortable talking about all that online, so that was a big deal for me.
Since the bullying attitude towards WW, I don't feel safe here anymore. I know most of you thought you were doing the right thing, and all of you had good motivation for what you said, but, that doesn't change how safe I feel. …

Right now, in the absense of other evidence, I'm believing this version of events.
Feel free to @ me, but don't expect an immediate reply, because I'm taking some time off from … people.
Not because I'm especially enamoured of Mr Wheaton, but because of they way we treated him.
And if this really did go down how it currently looks to me, how many others have we also treated like this, and I've not heard about it?

Take a fucking bow, folks.

I’m all for speaking truth to power but I don’t understand screaming your version of someone else’s reality into their face while they categorically deny it & profess support for your cause until you break them down. What I’ve seen here is nothing short of bullying. And no, it doesn’t make it right because he was on a TV show once.

Don’t @ me. Or do; I know where the block button is & mine’s wired to mew like a kitten… it’s just the cutest 🐈

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Regardless of toe level of likelihood of it happening, I really hope the Fediverse *doesn't* replace Twitter.
Because the reason it's nicer here is that most of the arseholes are there, laughing at us and wondering what the problem with Twitter is supposed to be.

"You're gullible in the right way. You're skeptical about conventional wisdom, but attracted to unorthodox ideas. An unfailing mark of homo neophilus. The human race is not divided into the irrational and the rational, as some idealists think. All humans are irrational, but there are two different kinds of irrationally--those who love old ideas, and hate and fear new ones, and those who despise old ideas and joyfully embrace new ones. Homo Neophobus and Homo Neophilus. Neophobus is the original human stock, the stock that hardly changed for the first four million years of human history. Neophilus is the creative mutation that has been popping up at regular intervals during the past million years, giving the race little forward pushes, the kind you give a wheel to make it spin faster and faster. Neophilus makes a lot of mistakes, but he or she moves. They live life the way it should be lived, ninety-nine percent mistakes and one percent viable mutations..."

My understanding of Mastodon instances is that they're like JRPG towns in that you know everyone there and it's very quaint and comfortable there and as soon as you leave town by looking at the global timeline you're instantly murdered by a swarm of goblins

Don't forget that everybody is different! These toots are just suggestions - take the ones you think might help and leave the rest. Be kind to yourself.

Boost if you're an eldritch abomination whose geometry can't be fathomed by lowly mortals.

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I don’t know what’s worse: a relative handful of psychopaths running the show or their having convinced masses of people that they too can be psychopathic if they work really hard at it.

1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

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