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Shadow Firebird

What Mastodon/fediverse could really do with (and I haven't the resources or time or people skills to make happen):
An instance for folks who want to toot news & announcements.
News is almost the only thing I go to Twitter for now, really.
You definitely want all that in one place so you don't fall across it by mistake.
Having an instance dedicated to it would attract folks from Twitter, maybe?

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The biggest problem with duck typing is that modern keyboards just aren't designed very well for webbed feet

@moonandserpent @catvincent
If this 'ultraviolet network' is just a gimmick with no details then, hard no here.
Rule: don't use a throwaway plot device that's more interesting than your plot.

Just seen a trailer on Netflix for something called Ultraviolet which looks more than a little Global Frequency-ish. Trouble is it looks as though the members have no power, no authority to back them up?
(Also that makes at least three things called 'Ultraviolet'…)

@jplebreton @darius honestly rather than seamless account migration i'd be much more interested in seeing Masto acknowledge that people have multiple identities, that they can exist in different communities at once, that one's identity is manifold and always in flux, rather than singular and immutable.

You ever wonder why Americans do math whilst Brits do maths? It's because Americans can't do more than one math at a time. Our simple minds simply can't handle more than one math. They can barely handle that /one/ math. And we aren't taught in school to do anything more than one math at a time.

@Elizafox i for one think it's a good idea that the astronauts should be reusable. seems cruel otherwise

my coworker just googled 'self-explanatory' and I can't explain to him how funny this is to me

Unicode’s Japanese codepage contains 12 kanji with no pronunciation or meaning, known as the “ghost characters”. These appear to be the result of an administrative error at the JIS in 1978:

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Here we are in the 21st century. Why are the subtitles on my TV … ASCII? (They're using # to represent musical lyrics, 'cos its the closest they have to "🎶".)

So. I work in a place which has a history of hiring incompetants. Most of the people I work with haven't got a clue.
All those incompetants. And me.
Not a happy thought.

I do sometimes wonder why the fuck I bother with birbsite. I mean, it's a news source, but basically it's the vain hope of striking up a conversation. But in the unlikely event that happens, evens the person you talk to will act like a dick -- or you will.