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also, hi! i'm trying out the name connor rn as well! she/her and they/them pronouns are still good!

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hey i’m evi !! i’m 17, she/they, autistic (and maybe adhd) and queer as fuck. i rlly like podcasts & sewing & reading & forest stuff!! uhhhh on tumblr @ friendlydinosaur and @ gnomevi, talk to me abt good books & accessibility & & studio ghibli & cottagecore :moomin_mlady:

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at any point in time i am probably thinking about shirley jackson

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hey elekk~ my name's lune, i like [looks at smudged writing on hand]

- norse mythology
- speedrunning
- fiber arts
- english lit
- comics?
- a bunch of other stuff that no one but me cares about
- i can only legally play games made by less than 10 people

how's it going

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i want to be sunny! i don’t want to hide my emotions behind a veneer of positivity but i want to always try to be graceful and positive and uplifting! i want to be a flower, and i want to be able to turn through the seasons and wither but always come back again, more lovely than the last! i want to be a leaf that is not beautiful but is essential! i want to be a sunflower, except i want to turn to face everyone instead of fixating myself on a single point! i want to love!


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i currently have a big old desire to cut my hair, dye my hair, AND get tattoos!! unfortunately i can do none of them

the cool kids bring stuffed animals to school

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trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

jk that was literally the study guide which i just did

abt to have a compgov test that i forgot about :blobcatmeltcry: hooboy

i want 2 be edgy and i think thats partly because im tired of being the “baby” friend, i want to be cool and less soft and less infantilized for being small and chubby!!! let me look like i could kill a man

hamlet is an emo fuck and i would die for him :/

virginia’s senate is now blue and so is kentucky’s governor!! i’m so happy :’)

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Danica Roem won her race in Virginia's 13th district. Two years ago she was the first openly trans lawmaker in the US to be elected and serve in a state legislature; now she's the first trans person to be re-elected. #VAPol #transgender

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NoNaNo - No Nation November

Hey kids, ready for the next great internet meme challenge? This November emancipate yourself from your national identity and become a stateless anarchist.

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:gentle_town: is back online and more honest about itself than ever!

- we run on a raspberry pi at my friggin house! how's that for efficient? (energetically? very. in terms of stability? well, not great)

- we keep implementing custom themes and features (which results in downtime whenever they're added and asset precompilation fails!)

- we have local-only posting (no cons)

still want an account? write to (that's an e-mail address) or to any of our users!


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