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do yourself the kindness of looking at something and saying "i'm not gonna interact with this"

Demi is a national treasure. I love him. He’s the only channel where I have YouTube notifications turned on.


My annual reminder that autumn is here. Gotta keep a roof over my cat’s head, so to speak.



Watching Empire Strikes Back for the first time in two years. Watching it with fresh eyes makes me really appreciate how much heart it has.

As a kid, the scariness of the Empire overshadowed everything else and I saw it primarily as a horror film. Getting back into that mindset, I’m able to see how these films were able to hypnotize an entire generation. And it makes the prequels that much more disappointing.

120fps gives actors no room to hide. You can REALLY tell who’s giving a good performance and who isn’t. It’s incredible.

It also gives the director no room to hide. Every choice Ang Lee made was so transparent. It really is like a brand new medium that gets us one step closer to revealing the reality of what we are seeing.

I watched Gemini Man in 120fps and 3D and it felt like seeing the next iteration of what movies are supposed to be. I usually hate 3D but when it’s in a frame rate higher than The Hobbit’s 60fps, it really works.

I really want to see documentaries and plays/musicals in 120fps. I think it has so much potential.

I love that people use captions for images on Fedi. I love turning on closed captioning on TV. I have no disabilities that require me to use these but they’re still useful tools. A rising tide lifts all boats.


breakup mention 

breakup mention 

Still thinking about that hourglass tattoo I want to get. Babey’s first tat.

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