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So not really new to the fediverse but new to this instance. I'll be migrating from my previous one. Anyways, I'm a cis-gay-dude that's way into orcs and other beastly things. Also a big technology nerd and geek with lots of love for tabletop gaming. (And video games, and well, all of the fun nerdy things in life!)

work gripes Show more

Back at work from vacation, in a surprisingly decent mood still!

Super long car ride home. AMA. TMI or not! 💩

Spent the weekend at Acadecon. Had a blast playing new games and meeting friends, new and old alike!

Nothing makes me feel fat quite like achieving my Apple Watch move goal *while* eating.

NC Politics Show more

So I'm test driving a Surface Pro 6, and I have to admit; MS really has refined the format. It hasn't gotten a major redesign since the SP3, but this is rock solid. (And black is sexy!)

Seriously. These days my buying of new tablets/laptops is just as much about seeking a new “perfect” hybrid device as it is wanting new toys. (Though oh boy do I ever.)

So yeah, guys. If you’re in the US, please vote. I’m more or less begging you. If you’re NC be sure to look up the amendments proposed ahead of time. They’re worded incredibly deceptively on the ballot.

My desperate hope for the perfect laptop/desktop hybrid device leaves me forever wandering.

Mild DST rant Show more

Mast now has an iPad app, Watch app, keyboard shortcuts, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage app, 3D Touch peek and pop, 3D Touch quick actions, a Today and Share Extension, multiple base and accent themes, 20 dynamic app icons, haptics, and push notifications.

So many Apple technologies.

The sky today was pretty wild looking. This cloud in particular stood out. The last photo would make a cool wallpaper, which is what started my taking photos of it!

Orctober may be over, but if you’re an orc, it’s eternal.

Good morning Mastodon, and Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and all that fun.

I'm still taking commissions if anyone is interested. The queue is clear right now, so get in if you want something more immediately!

Our team at work redecorated our boss’s office for Halloween. There might be a theme.