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So not really new to the fediverse but new to this instance. I'll be migrating from my previous one. Anyways, I'm a cis-gay-dude that's way into orcs and other beastly things. Also a big technology nerd and geek with lots of love for tabletop gaming. (And video games, and well, all of the fun nerdy things in life!)

@JarylGaren Interesting story, Keen Dreams was made as a contractual obligation for Softdisk while they built the foundation for the second trilogy of games for Apogee. id made it, but they don't own it.

The rights for Keen Dreams were just collecting dust under whoever owned it until 2014, when some random dude ran an Indiegogo campaign for $1500 to buy the rights, release the source code, and get it onto marketplaces. 🤷

wasn't Commander Keen made by idSoftware before they were called that? Because apparently it's a thing on the Switch now

#RPG #Roleplaying #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons

BRW Games makes a RPG called "Adventures Dark and Deep", which is a really interesting role-playing game. It's based on extensive research into what Gary Gygax publicly said about his intentions for AD&D 2 before AD&D 2 was developed without him.

It also caps the starting strength scores of females from most player races a point or two lower than their male counterparts.

Ive refused to run it for years and haven't bought anything else from them because of how irritating that is to me.

Its also something most people don't talk about when reviewing the game; so it can really take someone by surprise when they buy it.

Post shower and a bit of aftercare.

Tattoo ideas, might go ahead and get one this weekend if all goes as planned. Wifi on the outside of the arm, dice on the inside. Not sure which will be first.

Tonight we have our session 0 for our Overlight RPG campaign. I am ridiculously excited and generally hyped about starting this game!

Oh also if you'd generally like to help me survive (I am a queer disabled person who doesn't have stable work and has been denied a government safety net), I have a Patreon where I make non-standard emoji for queers and furries and stuff!


Gaming updates in general, since I mentioned Overlight.

I'm still running Curse of Strahd in D&D 5e. The players are.. not dead yet. We'll see how long that can go for.

I'm also going to start running Legend of the Five Rings 5e for the hubby as a solo game "soon". Which should be fun. The game's gorgeous and looks to be fun.

In gaming news, session 0 for my Overlight campaign is this Thursday and I'm really excited. I find this game incredibly refreshing and can't wait to run it.

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