Fuck a world of forced specialization. You can be a farmer AND a philosopher. You can be a carpenter and a portraitist. You can be a lawyer and an electrician. You can be a mycologist and a flautist, a bookbinder and a skateboarder, a chemist and a stripper, an upholsterer and an Aramaic scholar, a gymnast and a fisherman. You can be so many things, any combination of things that you love or like or are interested in or want to try. Idgaf! If you only want to do one thing? That's fucking awesome and good too!

But I refuse to accept a world where a farmer must be just a farmer, a carpenter just a carpenter. Labors of body, mind, and spirit can all fit together, no matter what capitalism says.


@bedap yeah this resonates. I've always combatted the idea "jack of all trades, master of none" with the idea that everything i do is a practice. Mastering something becomes a fallacy when you're in a state of constant learning. Of course I'm not a master of any of my practices that's impossible.

@tulsi I love this perspective. Mastery is a myth. And even if it isn't, it's not necessarily desirable or practical. Breadth, though, is always practical, always beneficial.

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