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heya admin, you've got the finger guns, yesss! :blobcatfingerguns:

What the fuck do I dress up as for Halloween HELP

White people using "Savage" in its slang form is like nails on chalkboard

if you're lonely or sad or trapped or hopeless, and it makes you want to do something you know is Bad for you— hurting yourself physically or emotionally, self-sabotaging, alienating a friend, calling an ex— by all means, do not do that Bad Thing.

but don't castigate yourself either. you want to do it because you are in pain; self-rebuke just piles pain on top of pain, it doesn't break the cycle.

forgive yourself. take your pain seriously. do something nice for yourself, instead. make your favorite tea, pull out the best blanket, put on some good music, use your favorite nice moisturizer. if you have any better option to respond to your pain than self-sabotage, it's compassion; so, show yourself some compassion for a change.

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I've learned my body is much happier without caffeine, alas. but I'm extra partial to boats! ⛵

He wasn't eaten by the server during the recent w.e outage. So it might be a thing that happens to me every day 😕

the dragon who stole his heart? aww, sounds like my kind of thing, but please, find a Jen.

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Mastodon CSS Snippet: Embiggen Emojos 

...further confirmation that I'm on the hill is the same: le toot.


I'm still in love with the five foot one bitch.

Jean Vanier, theology 

tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

the real trolley problem is why we don't have more trolleys instead of cars on our streets amirite comrades

How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

I’m really glad that GNOME isn’t actually a GNU project. Every day I’m learning more and more about how dysfunctional the project us, largely due to the influence of RMS.

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