Really great background info about that "two wolves" story here:
Please boost as you would a good meme.

@compostablespork Oh definitely -- I've heard a lot of those, especially from the pulpit! And the history of folklore in kidlit publishing is allll about white authors getting published while indigenous authors get ignored.

I got the link from @mcmoots brilliant Two Wolves sonnet toot, by the way. :)

@twistylittlepassages The funny thing is I heard the alleged native version after hearing several other takes with different origins.

@twistylittlepassages i'm really glad making two wolves memes is also flipping off white supremacy, that rules

@nleigh yeah, the citation link is broken (dangit, Tumblr!). I suspect the research could be replicated, though.

@twistylittlepassages somehow the meme is 1000x funnier knowing that the origin is a tawdry colonialist lie.

@lj_writes colonialism: you have two dogs. the settlers come in and take your stuff. you have two fictional wolves.

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