In the past week, I have learned to crochet. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel a need for podcasts.

...and thus, a need for recommendations, if you've got any for me.

@NeoAJ Stories, humor, history, music... and probably some more things I haven't figured out yet. I'm just not sure what's out there yet, tbh!

@twistylittlepassages I do listen to a couple humor podcasts, If you like humorous stories, Spontaneonation by Paul F. Tompkins recently completed a 200 episode run where they improv stories with a handful of people. You might enjoy that.

@NeoAJ That sounds great, thanks! I'll look into it. 👂

@twistylittlepassages @NeoAJ You might like Blindboy Boatclub's #podcast. He has lots on music, hot takes on history, and surreal ridiculism.

He swears *lots*, but he's great on social justice & mental health.

pod recs 

pod recs 

@twistylittlepassages Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians talk about one of the production process for one of their songs. It’s really interesting.

Benjamin Waller’s Theory of Everything is weird... it’s sort of a strange blend of truth and fiction.

The Ex-Worker podcast is doing a really good series/audiobook on the border right now (I actually found it cause you shared something from CrimeThinc)

@twistylittlepassages Long Now: Conversations at the Interval is a series of talks. The talks run a wide range of topics from how psychologists are finding ways to nudge people into better behavior to research into human/whale communication.

The Memory Palace is short little anecdotes from history. It’s so unbelievably good. Even though the episodes are short, some have left me thinking about them for days.

@twistylittlepassages there are so many, i’ll stick to just 3..

I Don’t Even Own a Television - for indepth reviews of terrible books, it’s very funny and not done in a mean way.

The Mortified Podcast - people read their childhood writings (mostly diaries) on stage. another funny one.

and Myth & Legends - the host researches and then puts together his own version of various myths, legends or fairytales. i find his voice is soothing/pleasant to listen to.

@allegedlycake Excellent suggestions, thank you. I am very excited to try all of these!

Queer as Fact, as recommended yesterday. it's a queer history podcast, and made me laugh quite a bit (favourites re: laughter are The Sex Spreadsheets of John Maynard Keynes and Women in Medieval Arab Literature because men are ridiculous)

EOS10, which is a medical (sort of) sci-fi comedy. it's my favourite and I've listened to it completely at least 3 times.

@botanicals Ooh yes, I plugged QaF into my podcatcher right away! I'm gonna start with the Tove Jansson episode, and then listen to the two you recommended. And I'll look into EOS10 as well! Thank you. 💚

Talking about podcasts is one of my favorite things to do! I can listen at work, so I've become one of those annoying people who say "I heard on a podcast..." I'm that friend always recommending them. So let me know if you get a particular craving for content and I'll pile on!

I like short, well-edited, sound designed, structured non-fiction shows. Most people seem to have variable tolerance for things like rambling discussions, grainy audio, length, etc

@compostablespork @twistylittlepassages have you been listening to Everything is Alive? They do fictional interviews with inanimate objects. It’s a phenomenally silly concept but they execute it so well. It’s beautiful and weird and smart and funny.

@eldang Chioke, a grain of Sand and the just released sequel Chioke, a pane of glass have been my favorites so far but they are all great.

@vector @twistylittlepassages I heard about it when they launched - I like a lot of Radiotopia shows, but the premise wasn't clicking for me. If you like it, that makes me a lot more willing to give it a try :)

@compostablespork Excellent. I will consider you A Resource!

Shorter stuff is also appealing to me right now, because I often don't want to commit to listening to something for a whole hour (I'm like this with TV too, haha). So far, I seem to have a low tolerance for rambling. I'm mostly using laptop speakers right now, so audio quality won't be that important until I start listening to music-oriented podcasts.

@twistylittlepassages Yes! Especially once I know your taste, I can turn into the obnoxious friend pod recommending machine.

Did you notice how I was careful not to just do that! Self control :muscle_hmn_g1:

I can see if I can concoct you a short list of short good episodes (then you can see if you want to subscribe to that show or not.)

If you want!

Consider it a modern-day mixtape :cassette:

@compostablespork Yes, I was impressed by your restraint!

I'd be honored to receive a podcast sampler :cassette: from you, haha.

@compostablespork Thank you, awesome, how did you know I adore the tUnE-yArDs :cassette: 🎧 💚

@twistylittlepassages seconding the Everything Is Alive rec, it's v good!

I also love The Adventure Zone, which everyone has probably heard of but it is so good; starts w the Mcelroy brothers fucking around being silly with Dungeons & Dragons and gradually morphs into a really good, heartfelt story

also Alice Isn't Dead is really good, spooky fiction; My Dad Wrote A Porno is ridiculously funny; The Worst Idea Of All Time is also v funny (two guys watch the same bad movie every week for a year)

@twistylittlepassages ok a few more: Hey Riddle Riddle is very much in the 'honestly, it's better than it sounds' category (three people try to answer riddles and do improv scenes based on them)

my partner loves Reasonably Sound, which is about...sound, and has a lot of cool science stuff. No Such Thing As A Fish also has a bunch of interesting trivia on various subjects

on the more serious and sometimes heartbreaking side, Ear Hustle is a podcast about prison life produced by two inmates

@natrix These all sound great, thank you! Adventure Zone especially sounds like my kind of premise. 😄

@twistylittlepassages It's really good! The first campaign is Balance which I loved, then there's a bunch of mini-arcs and they're currently getting towards the end of their second big campaign, Amnesty. They don't follow on from each other so they can be listened to in any other, but I'd say Balance is probably the best one to start with anyway because you get to hear them figuring out wtf they're doing as they go :)

@natrix Cool, thanks! This is helpful. I'll start there! ⚔️ 🐉 🗝️

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