ain't no couples like Fediverse couples 'cause Fediverse couples are totes adorbs

@twistylittlepassages fediverse polycules end up looking like some time of cryptide demigodex pantheon

@Moss it's like galaxy brain but every star is a person

@twistylittlepassages Is this an invitation to call out my fedi partners because I'll fucking do it

@socalledunitedstates sure! fediverse poly configurations are equally fully adorbs!

@twistylittlepassages I'm tryin to drag my polycule into fedi. Hasn't worked yet, but maybe one day :-)

@paideuomai @twistylittlepassages Same. Except I haven't really tried very hard because I know how not-far I'd get.

@mcmoots Right now we have a 'cule discord. One day I assume discord will become evil and they'll go looking for respite. When they do, I'll be ready to strike i mean offer safe harbor.

/ @twistylittlepassages

@paideuomai @twistylittlepassages I think our lowest common denominator might be Facebook :/

We're not a very tightly integrated polycule though. There's a group chat for Thanksgiving and that's about it - and that includes, like, my meta's sister etc.

@mcmoots We started as a group chat on FB! Eventually it got too big and conversations started splintering into special interests. That started getting complicated, so somebody made a discord :-)

/ @twistylittlepassages

@mcmoots If I recall correctly the event that pushed us over the edge from FB to "no really this just isn't sufficient" was when we organized our first polycule mini-con ("cutiecon"). I forget whether it was the planning for that or all the fallout conversations (and flirting) that spawned the discord, but I'm pretty sure it was one of those.

/ @twistylittlepassages

@paideuomai @twistylittlepassages The nauseatingly cute thing to do would be to start your own polycule instance.

@mcmoots On my main account I'm instance admin with one other friend. We made it with the intention of inviting baaaasically our respective polycules. So far it's mostly just the two of us (and really mostly me). Which is fine. Again, when discord turns evil I'm ready to strike i mean support :-)

/ @twistylittlepassages

@mcmoots @paideuomai no shame! my partner isn't here, either. it's just really fun to :blobaww: at Fedi love when you've gotten a little glimpse of both personalities.

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