I did it! I went outside. Here are some things I saw.

I tried to take a cat photo for y'all, but the cat declined.

Note on the house photo: very colorful houses in Portland were once an indicator that people with their own offbeat aesthetic lived there! Now they''re just an indicator that the house is for sale (or recently sold) by a trendy realtor at astronomical prices. 😕

(cw: ec for one of the photos)

friends + falls! thanks to @MrJimmy @pizza @courtney @jackdaw_ruiz for a fun and funny afternoon yesterday. :blobheart:

apologies to everyone: we were jst a few minutes too late to recruit sasquatch to the fediverse!

You know that game where you try to put book titles together to make sentences? Someone categorized a bunch of book titles into grammatical units so a computer can generate this sort of thing randomly. And then they made it so you could tweak the output, and it's fun! covers.naitian.org/

religious ceremony, death (+) 

I got excited about crocheting these cute kitties... and then I realized they are not crochet, they are knit. (I'm just now learning crochet; one yarn-craft at a time.) But if you're into cute things, the patterns are cheap, and look how adorable! mochimochiland.com/product/coz

Can anyone help me identify this flower? Photographed in the southern Colorado desert.

I fell behind on the for a while because I really wanted to make myself some coasters, but I just couldn't get the hang of this circle. Turns out some youtube teachers are better at explaining details to beginners than others. (Pearl Gomez is super thorough, and great if you have no idea what you're doing!)

Left side is cotton (KnitPicks), right side is acrylic (Red Heart). Pen for scale.

horrifying small-town commercial art(?) 

I'm having a really good and interesting visit to southern Oregon with my dad, getting acquainted with his old friends and the places where he grew up.

My photos didn't all work, so you get a photo too!

@TheKinrar dunno if anyone has told you about this DavidBond guy yet, but I thought you'd like to know 😕

(CW for broadly offensive language)

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