@TheKinrar dunno if anyone has told you about this DavidBond guy yet, but I thought you'd like to know πŸ˜•

(CW for broadly offensive language)

The case for replacing confederate monuments with bad triceratops statues (with illustrations).

results of my first #crochet attempts 

pix of tombstones + dead bird 

The Bing cherry tree in my parents' backyard was my happy place as a child. They think it's an eyesore, but have left it standing as a favor to me. It's certainly not an eyesore today, though!

my windows have been under assault by an angry robin for some time now, interfering with my a.m. sleep. I'm sad to say that owl pictures facing out the window proved ineffective. I'm proud of them anyway, so here they are. πŸ¦‰

what was effective: just taping big sheets of paper over the entire window. but now it's stormy and they're dissolving, and I'm running out of paper grocery sacks to cut up.

I'm moving on Monday, so the problem is temporary. but I wish I could say I'd solved this.

(lewd) thoughts while evaluating used books 

from Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon: the wild strawberries are in bloom.
plus bonus beach photo! pardon the rain on my lens.

thoughts while evaluating used books (CW: colonial racism) 

thoughts while evaluating used books 

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