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Nifty visualization of fediverse connections:
thanks to @king for this link!

@eldang that's definitely true. you basically have to open up a second tab with a mapping site in it to locate these places unless you happen to know the area. it's more of a "ooh neat" feature than an "actually useful" feature.

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podcast frustrations 

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Okay officially asking for a bit of help. Though I'd have decent housing when I landed in #Portland but only had enough for one night and I got like five days before I am in on. Anything to either or to a housing setup would be dope

@eldang oh that's a neat feature. looks like they tried to give a general idea of the location without getting too precise, which I assume is good for privacy reasons.

some of these murals are really lovely. but the bunny petting event definitely looks like the best part!

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[1.Ch.] Internet 


Me, watching: "Haha, he loves trash, that's so cute, I would never collect actual garbage though."

Me, still watching: "Oh hey, that's a really neat old telephone, I bet I could do something cool with that!"

@krista I am right now, because I'm living in the city... but when I'm living in the country again next year, I'll probably go back to using it now and then. I've found it to be a good mental exercise, though, to consider what I'd do to meet a particular need if Amazon didn't exist, and why I'm not doing that instead, and how each choice affects the world.

@eldang wow, I haven't seen any of these! what part(s) of town did you hang out in?

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teddy wheeler and odot keep spending buckets of money on boulders to drive out houseless folx. kinda want to make signs with their cost and plant them in the middle of them. like, "this eye sore cost you $378,462"
a map of portland with location…
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well that's gonna give you a river over here ⛵ ⛵

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Pol Concentration Camp, Solidarity Strike 

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Good news: I have a job offer!
Bad news: I'm too broke to take it, but if I don't, I lose my unemployment for refusing a job. It's in Rochester NY, about 4 hours away. I need $60 for the Amtrak ticket, cash for cheap food until I get a paycheck, and a couch to crash on until I can get a furnished room. I have #maille for sale, and donations are also an option, although I have a hard time just asking for money. or$tarlimanjoppos #pride #lgbtqa #furry #leather

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Ableism, fascism, eugenics advocy from a crypto fash 

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