i think i can get by if i can migrate to a 'development' environment (because they don't give you a choice but to use docker for production builds) and learn some rails, which i'm gonna have to do anyway for chittr but ugh
it's missing so many things i expect of a forum and it's frustrating to only be able to learn this as a process of people starting to use it

oh also the alt+h forum launched today
iii am starting to not be thrilled with having chosen to use discourse for it

50% of backend web development is remembering how the alphabet goes so you can guess at how far down you should scroll to find the file you're looking for

first order of business: for all my looking, i can't find any suggested server specs for instance hosting to start out with. does anyone have any advice on that?

i'm deciding to go ahead with the instance making that i talked about on my personal so i'm gonna move talk about that to over here β˜€οΈ

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iiii don't know what skills i might need to actually run a masto instance, like, i know how to deploy software to a server and some rudimentary security stuff but that's p much it!! i could probably fuck around with a local install to get my bearings but still
are there any like... So You Want To Run A Mastodon Instance type guides out there w

caps, webmaster woes 

making the switch from managed to cloud hosting for alt-h today, working purely from the terminal is still very scary to me 😬

[cdi link voice] i can't wait to rebuild the alt+h website from scratch when i switch to a vps and actually implement fucking version control this time

ruby tutorial: ruby is pretty similar to python
me, who is very familiar with python: oh ok cool this should be a breeze
ruby tutorial: also integers are objects with methods. look how you do for loops!
me: what the fuck what the fuck what the f

oh no guess who's considering migrating to linux again

anyway, i'm going through the odin project at the moment because it's getting to the point where my one term of learning frontend web development skills isn't covering my responsibilities as a webmaster any more
all i've done so far is set up a linux vm and install rails through the command line but i'm feeling pretty accomplished

text editors, accessibility gripe 

any resources out there that can explain the skills and knowledges required to run a vps for people who have only used basic, managed-by-the-provider web hosting before? asking for a me.

hey mastodon, do you know of any good guides on how to write effective content warnings? we're reviewing how we ask people to cw things on the alt+h server in light of discord's new spoiler tags and thought information like that would be useful to include

i wrote a small post about why people in otherkin and therian circles don't talk about shifting any more. i'm sharing it here specifically because i'm aware that my perspective is limited to tumblr and adjacent communities and i want to hear people's thoughts on whether that holds true in other spaces and why not if not!
take a look? vagabondsun.dreamwidth.org/206

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