how would you describe the differences between forum etiquette vs what's normal on social media? i'm trying to write a guide for the alt+h forum since a lot of our userbase is only used to say, twitter and tumblr. all i can think of so far:
- double posting is generally discouraged
- likes (or equivalent) are only for Really Good Posts
- grammar standards tend to be higher
- the circumstances under which necro-ing threads is allowed (i feel like this one is pretty variable)

i feel a responsibility to be very public with my idiocy because there's probably someone out there who's like i was last year thinking that you have to be so competent or have so much education to be a developer

you have room to make mistakes!! it's ok!! just go for it!! whatever!!

development dumb of the day 

nothing happened, i just needed to migrate it to a bigger drive

achievement get: successfully restore forum from backup

[staring at the mastodon code] ok which part of this makes the posts go

am i making too much work for myself here? probably
am i still gonna do it? absolutely

chittr twemoji conversion to-do list (pt2) 

chittr twemoji conversion to-do list (pt1) 

so i'm making a handout on coping with species dysphoria for alt+h and i'd love some feedback (:boost_ok: πŸ–€) 

i checked out mainline by mistake because i'm super good at git

achievement(?) get: accidentally downgrade mastodon

here's the thing about implementing a regex system for homestuck quirks: i don't feel great about letting quirked posts loose into the greater fediverse for accessibility reasons.
but, i know from instances that have more complex markup than mainline that there's a way to fall back onto something more readable for other instances that don't have the feature.

could i leverage that to provide a pre-regex version of posts for screenreaders?

i've thought the default mastodon interface was greyscale this whole time and only realised otherwise when i hue shifted the values to dick about with alt color schemes

step 1 in making an alternian english locale for chittr: remove all instances of the word 'please'

i think i can get by if i can migrate to a 'development' environment (because they don't give you a choice but to use docker for production builds) and learn some rails, which i'm gonna have to do anyway for chittr but ugh
it's missing so many things i expect of a forum and it's frustrating to only be able to learn this as a process of people starting to use it

oh also the alt+h forum launched today
iii am starting to not be thrilled with having chosen to use discourse for it

50% of backend web development is remembering how the alphabet goes so you can guess at how far down you should scroll to find the file you're looking for

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