how would you describe the differences between forum etiquette vs what's normal on social media? i'm trying to write a guide for the alt+h forum since a lot of our userbase is only used to say, twitter and tumblr. all i can think of so far:
- double posting is generally discouraged
- likes (or equivalent) are only for Really Good Posts
- grammar standards tend to be higher
- the circumstances under which necro-ing threads is allowed (i feel like this one is pretty variable)

- signatures are widely utilized and often encouraged
- I feel like this is a given once you're browsing a forum, but there isn't a feed, instead different boards and posts should be made in the corresponding location

@multiple_creatures @vagabondsun The culture / forum etiquette which stigmatizes and invalidates discussion of old topics [labeling as "necro posts"] isn't useful, healthy, valid, or reasonable in any way whatsoever. Just throw that one out entirely if you're not intending to foster and promote elitist / exclusionary rules which serve zero good-faith purpose, and leaves folks feeling bullied.

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