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Vector @vector

Me: I’m going to quit Mastodon.
Also me: Hello, have you heard the good news about our lord and savior Mastodon?

In other words, I’m back!

Man, the things one could accomplish in a microsecond, @vector!

#physics, #cosmology, ...

@vector awwwww :blobaww: we've missed you!

And just in time to read the February with me!!

@compostablespork is it Dawn? I had been hoping that book would make it to the top. I will try to pick it up.

@vector It is! I am soooo sucked in, too. Really enjoying it. The beginning had some rough spots but now that I'm in the middle it's mostly CW-free and fascinating.

@vector Welcome back! :) Your corner of this corner of the Web has been kept clean and rodent-free for you.