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Vector @vector

Me: I’m going to quit Mastodon.
Also me: Hello, have you heard the good news about our lord and savior Mastodon?

In other words, I’m back!

Man, the things one could accomplish in a microsecond, @vector!

#physics, #cosmology, ...

@vector awwwww :blobaww: we've missed you!

And just in time to read the February with me!!

@compostablespork is it Dawn? I had been hoping that book would make it to the top. I will try to pick it up.

@vector It is! I am soooo sucked in, too. Really enjoying it. The beginning had some rough spots but now that I'm in the middle it's mostly CW-free and fascinating.

@vector @compostablespork it is! And I just got hold of a copy too. And welcome back!

@eldang @vector Now around page 180 or so, I need to ammend the CW statement I made earlier. Still fascinating, still hard to put down, but leave it to Octavia Butler to give us some seriously hard to read passages around sex and choice. Oof. Though if I could get through it you know it's not graphic, just morally uncomfortable.

@vector Welcome back! :) Your corner of this corner of the Web has been kept clean and rodent-free for you.