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This sort of style :) (pencil antelope head with bright and loose watercolour treatment)

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Also, I think I'm going to stop offering the marker and pencil style for commissions - it's too hard on my elbow!

urgh I have this anxious feeling that there's something I should be doing and I have no idea what!

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Special new article by @JubalBarca for World Pangolin Day, as his "An Unexpected Bestiary" series does an extra-length special just on pangolins, their folklore, and how to use them in creative settings:

#WorldPangolinDay #Pangolins #CreativeToots #Writing #Gamedev #Folklore

Lowering my drawing desk has definitely helped, but my elbow is worn from yesterday & pressing down with the pencils is still hard on my arm so I'm going to switch to another task for a while - despite my brain saying 'but I need to keep working on this!'

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Oops forgot the alt text! It's a 75% finished pencil & marker drawing on toned paper of a grey/brown/white beefy cat sitting with some lilacs

It's easy to forget you're not yet following someone you interact with on here sometimes, it's nice that it doesn't matter that much :)

I want to try to start learning to drive soon, so I have to choose a school/instructor, and I have nooo idea where to start. There are so many & so few ways to choose between them. I guess I'll just have to pick someone and see how it goes.
I'll book my lessons during the morning & count it as my work for the day.

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I saw le tigre in oxford like 15 years ago

omg, my friend got us bikini kill tickets for London in July

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WIP, curating some doodles from my sketchbook & making into graphics to maybe use for stickers, merch etc

I think about this a lot, this lisa lives in my heart

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Getting elbow pain when I draw or use a mouse. Tends to go up into my shoulder too. I try to stretch & take breaks. I'll to look up some tips for ergonomics etc. Feel like I need to adjust the angle my elbow is at when I'm working, the pain comes on quite quickly. Has anyone had this & has any advice? Puny human body!!