where is selfloathing.dll, I want to delete it

I wish social anxiety made me quiet so I didn't constantly prove what a weirdo I am...

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Good afternoon friends! Clouds silently gathered overnight–by this afternoon when I woke, late, groggy & sore the sky had flattened, lost all its brightness & colour. Air still sold but now saturated w/a grey haze of suspended water, soaking me gradually as I walked.

Slept poorly, only now feel like I'm starting to fully wake up–but even on a day like this I've already walked, stretched &c

May we overcome conceit, recognise our errors & allow them to teach us humility, kindness & growth today!

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Oh yeah. The sign up form for my gym has nonbinary pronouns like Mx their drop down menu, but then when you scroll down asks you to select from a radio button list of Male or Female. Good job guys

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On my gravestone please inscribe “delete and re-draft”

Thinking is so much clearer. Hope I'm not speaking too soon.

Again significantly less fatigued today, been almost bouncy, and went shopping and it's 6pm and I'm still okay. I think this is *just* because I've been taking ibuprofen?? Wondering if it's a systemic inflammation thing or just mostly my back.

I just managed a smile at this woman with a dog that was friendly but also immune to the stink eye that she gave me in return. I will try to capture its essence for future use.

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pol, mh 

Can physical pain be experienced as fatigue/malaise, and kind of bypass/obfuscate/sublimate the actual specific pain? Sometimes I feel exhausted and awful and take some painkillers and then feel better and realise my back, muscles etc were hurting. Sometimes I think my stomach ulcer pain presents as tiredness before I feel the actual pain (though I know stomachs are very tied in to mental state aside from that).

Also, people used to say to me 'you've been in the wars!' when I hurt myself. I thought they were saying 'in the walls', and I imagined, obviously, being teleported sort of halfway inside a wall, or stuck in one somehow, and I thought yes, that would probably cause some bruising.

I had the same thing with the opening to Robot Wars - 'robot ears stand by'. I thought... it was a way of saying the robots were... paying attention?

When I was young I didn't know what frontier meant so in the opening theme to star trek tng I heard 'space: the final front ear'. and I knew that couldn't be right but I didn't know what it could be otherwise...

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hair removal/reduction 

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