'You are 95 years old, looking back at your 35-year-old self, and this is what you see: a young woman, so young, so disappointed, even though everything is about to get really good. She doesn’t see how much she’s accomplished, how much she’s learned, how many new joys await her. She doesn’t know how strong she is. She is blindfolded, sitting on a mountain of glittering gems. She is beautiful, but she feels ugly. She has a rich imagination and a colorful past, but she feels poor.'


'She thinks she deserves to be berated because she has nothing. She has everything she needs.'

Found this advice column/article in my bookmarks again, v needed


@verycarapesque Oh wow, I really needed this today (/this year/this lifetime). Thank you so much for sharing it! 💙:_earth:💙

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