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post! I'm witch, you might know my main, @witchfynder_finder~ I love my home instance but the local timeline can sometimes be a bit too...techy for me, so I'm here for when I need a break.

Probably more, honestly, but that's a brief overview. Can't wait to settle in~ πŸ’š

Like the stakes AREN'T small, it's entirely Fate of the Known World shit but by comparison to the past couple seasons it's mundane

Going back to season 1 of Game of Thrones is fuckin wild cos the stakes feel so small and all the trauma hasn't happened to people yet

quit: ginger kitties
lit: pumpkin spice cattΓ©s

a joke involving mulder at the dentist in which his dentist reports, "the tooth is out there"

Finally got around to finding an LGS and picking up a Hallar, the Firefletcher

Time to build a new Commander deck around my enbie elf child

Amazing people are still coming up with new kinds of enemies in video games like Dark Souls didn't already come up with the best one ever

WOW what a bad day!! I'm so glad it's over and that I don't have to work tomorrow and that my pants are off and I have a can of pop

Serious Question:

Is giving 2 weeks' notice REQUIRED when quitting a job or is it just, like, Polite To Do?

Work, pet health, my boss is a prick, I'm pissed, (-) 

Work, pet health, my boss is a prick, I'm pissed, (-) 

Work, pet health, my boss is a prick, I'm pissed, (-) 

will there ever be another valve related piece of media as iconic as Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

This toot brought to you by "I just got a book from the library that I assume to be full of horrible racist and colonialist bullshit but it's about Lewis & Clark but in a world with magic and shit and I couldn't resist that combination."

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