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hi! I'm Camber or Squid! I'm a social history student, and I get excited about a lot of things but currently:
- making low quality memes based on my uni reading
- expressing my gender through historical shirts
- slowly becoming more hobbitlike in all my ways
- the cities I live in
- designing stuff artwise
- being an adult I guess!

Doctors Hate Him! Try this one weird trick for curing gout. History good


to get Strawberry
from Unprofitable Garden.

Types of wetlands 

moving posting 

moving posting (hopefully this will be regular) 



ah *own sake, for god‘s. time to sleep and cease posting in this particular weird mood.

I feel like some inner demon took the principle of knowledge for knowledge‘s own sense and ran with it unrolling toilet paper all over my mind corridors. Like yes in principle but are you sure your interest isn‘t sparked also by things that are usefu- ah no back to reading about minecraft economics. I see

My honestest answer to ‚what history do you specialise in‘ would absolutely be ‚useless history‘. Despite what one might hear there is a point at which actively seeking out uselessness conflicts with academic history. This is the only thing that prevents my spiral into infinite minutia

HOW do you expect me to go directly from the fish parasite wikipedia page to talking coherently and compellingly on non useless history. It simply can‘t be done

internet is short for interminable netherworld

completely delighted by the opportunity to make lemon demon poems on the fridge this eve

as a further note: this is rien poortvliet’s giant gnome book ONLY none of that garden gnome plastic nonsense these are gnomes that make friends with mice and build houses underneath tree roots

star war spoiler?? 

Someone’s mother has four sons. North, South and East. What is the name of the fourth son. Private message me the name of the fourth son. If you lose, you have to repost.

I lost to @SinnahSaint :')

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