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hey everyone, im rather new here but i figure this account would be used for posting tea session photos, and perhaps doodles or other passing thoughts. i'm a linguistics major, interested in speech pathology and phonetics. other interests include: modular synthesizers, creepy things, and the sweet smell of fresh earth.

ok this is probably gonna upset some people but 

animal facts, misinfo 

hell hath no fury like a really really really really really really really really really really really really mad hornet

Tried out the Logan Street market today, made some enemies

"all craps are bastards"

- ancient IBS proverb

Would it be feasible to build a offline-first #ActivityPub client that synced all posts to a local database?

You could interact with everything and do your thing and then sync it up to your instance when you had an internet connection again.

That's one aspect of #Scuttlebutt that I really like.

It's seems like it would be possible but I don't know the protocol at all.

I don't know who this cat is but they have provided me with a lot of good energy today

I just hooked up with this girland she asked me to grab her chapstick and I noticed it was burts bees and all I could think about was that time people here said burt fucks the bees and then without thinking i said "hey did you know burt fucks the bees?" please help

call to action, MA face surveillance 

me on tinder:

[looking at any cis guy] eyeeeeehh, he's in good shape but looks like a tool, I can do better

[looking at any cis girl] ooh she's pretty,, maybe? [checks bio] oh no she's a frat girl nvm

[looking at any trans or enby person] oh hell yeah liege, insta-swipe right

some tenets of the Reform Gamer movement:
• every player deserves a voice in their games, regardless of skill level or how much time they’ve invested
• people play games for different reasons and they are all valid as long as no player is harmed
• representation matters
• we must take steps to address the racism, classism, misogyny, antisemitism, queerphobia, and White Supremacy problems in gaming, including player base and developers

As a followup to my award-winning, non-existent cooking show Shoulda Used A Bigger Bowl, I'm happy to announce my next series, I Didn't Think That Through

Maslow's Hierarchy of *screaming internally forever*

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