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hey everyone, im rather new here but i figure this account would be used for posting tea session photos, and perhaps doodles or other passing thoughts. i'm a linguistics major, interested in speech pathology and phonetics. other interests include: modular synthesizers, creepy things, and the sweet smell of fresh earth.

my farm job is over for this summer. the only things i learned is an appreciation of all the noises chickens make and rainwater collection!

parahumans (namely worm 2) talk, trauma 

Boros: troops

Azorius: cops

Orzhov: probably capitalists

Selesnya: terf vibes t b h

Gruul: can you fucking chill

Rakdos: same for you dude, chill out

Izzet: techbros

Golgari: creepy and dirty

Dimir: no thanks I dont wanna be stabbed in the back

Simic: accepting of all creatures, we have mermaids, ruled by slimegirls

We Regret To Inform You That Our Database, Has Been Glomped

If you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

groups that use non-gendered terms of endearment:

Cowboys (pardner)
Pirates (matey)
Communists (comrade)

what do these groups have in common? they all hate capitalism

dirt told me to support the red sox so i am now forever loyal to them. i dont even know what sport it is

"why is 'sandwich' spelled like that?": an answer 

Shout out to girls with no strong feelings about teeth one way or another

bugs, swearing 

*wakes up with a start at 8 am * you know, i think i'd rock the specific kind of kimono that merchants wore in the sengoku period onwards

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