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time again

call me xyzzy

i'm a queer cis girl :heart_pride:

i live in a city in the US 🏙️

very left- fuck ICE, fuck nazis :no_ice: :antifa:

i write all the time 📝

i've got some brainweirds :crt_w_noise:

i love music, cats, making weird things, animal crossing (add me on pls), geocities, language, and Aesthetics

hello :blobcatlisten:

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adjectives in English absolutely have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun. So you can have a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife. But if you mess with that word order in the slightest you'll sound like a maniac. It’s an odd thing that every English speaker uses that list, but almost none of us could write it out. And as size comes before colour, green great dragons can’t exist.

Came across an archived copy of gURL from 1999, and I’m really noticing how good websites of the era were at having dense, but readable, chunks of content on a desktop. Interesting to compare to modern sites, which require large amounts of scrolling.

Uncanny valley, eye contact with viewer, fake person 

taming of the shrew is a reactionary anti woman play and contemporary performances of it as a feminist piece fail unless there are massive changes to the script and unless it’s directed in opposition to the play’s original meaning

The main difference between a "big cat" species and a "small cat" species is a small bone in their throats that allows them to either roar or purr

Therefore, cheetahs, who can't roar but purr, are small cats

And that's why I should be allowed to have one as a pet

Smash Mouth is the surprise party member that shows up towards the end of the game to help you beat the final boss, that originally showed up early on and that you didn’t think you were supposed to take seriously

figured i'd rep my $1 lip balm real quick. this place's makeup is a little hit or miss imo but their other stuff is great and i'm still using this constantly months later. i have the rosehip one right now, will probably try aloe or sweet almond next. if you don't mind a squeeze-tube applicator 10/10 would recommend to anyone with dry lips

Thinking about how Nintendo put a handle on the back of the Gamecube, like you were just going to carry it down the street like a breifcase.

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You know that game where you try to put book titles together to make sentences? Someone categorized a bunch of book titles into grammatical units so a computer can generate this sort of thing randomly. And then they made it so you could tweak the output, and it's fun!


oh god i used to use the "classic" iphone ring sound "bell tower" for my alarm when i was in college and hearing it took me right back

it's also just such a money sink and space taker upper

but i've wanted to do it forever too. records are just so physical and so much fun to look at and to play


even though i still want to collect records one day it would probably force me to interact with even more of these douches who assume i don't know dick about shit :/

if i had a record player this would have been mine


anyway here are a few pictures from the record store i was just in. i really got sucked in to looking at the children's albums this time

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