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Hi Weider Earth!
I'm Yulran, also @Yulran :they_them:
I mostly talk about my daily life as a PhD student in (aka clumsy experimentalist) or slowly figuring out gender stuff. Sometimes I make , usually related to .
I boost and cool things. I've always liked being the weird one so I figured here would be a nice home.

Hi friends! I am still around, currently skipping work to go start HRT today :heart_trans:

I also started moving to @Yulran, I wanted to try having my own instance. I'll start slowly exporting my follows πŸ’š

in german social media we have the hashtag to say thank you to all antifascists for their work and their activism.

so thanks, everyone, for your work today on ! I'm not that young and
I've got bad knees and can't run so I'm not on the streets but I salute you all who are!

Introducing Queer Cats:

:queercat_pride: queercat_pride
:queercat_ace: queercat_ace
:queercat_agender: queercat_agender
:queercat_bi: queercat_bi
:queercat_gq: queercat_gq
:queercat_lesbian: queercat_lesbian
:queercat_nb: queercat_nb
:queercat_pan: queercat_pan
:queercat_trans: queercat_trans

You can request other flags if you want :sparkles_pride:

Aweigh is an open source navigation system that does not rely on satellites: it is inspired by the mapping of celestial bodies and the polarized vision of insects.

/cc: @neauoire @rek

Just man up and wear that nail polish. Just grow some balls and your hair out it'd look great like that. Just quit being a wuss and really fem it up!

Today is Orage's birthday! He's turning 6. Today is also the day I took advantage of the long weekend to take him back from my parents and bring him home.

Except I've let him out 5 hours ago, he's probably sleeping under a car's shadow somewhere I can't find, I was supposed to leave to the airport one hour ago, and it seems from his passport that my parents got him every vaccine except the mandatory one :oh_no:

I still have no internet at home, but now I have a bike that I bought from a neighbor! This morning I biked to work and I was there before being passed by any bus.
I discovered biking gets more pleasant when the saddle is not too low like I had it stuck in Sweden, so I'm not even suffering much during these 15 minutes.

Also, my cat will be joining me soon :blobcat:

Hey, Mastofriends. I need some more really solid sci-fi/fantasy by women authors. I've already read a lot of Okorafor, Jemisin, Leckie, Butler, Wells, Valente, LeGuin, Bear, Schwab, Chambers, North, McGuire.

Help. #books #amreading

An almost usual Friday evening: staying late in the offices, swordfighting with a friend, spend hours failing at geography quizzes with another one, and get her to teach me just enough Chinese words that I can improvise a lot of flirty sentences while overplaying them (ζˆ‘ηˆ±δΊ²δΊ²δ½ , δ½†ζ˜―ζˆ‘η΄―ε•¦ or ζˆ‘δ»¬δΈ€θ΅·δΊ²δΊ²ε§ :blobcat: )

Today I learned that chair farming is a thing. Growing furniture that can be repeatedly harvested from a coppiced tree seems pretty #solarpunk to me. I'd love to see this catch on, especially if it can be scaled up to shelters and buildings. Timber-frame construction is even cooler if it's living timber!


so there's this website called
and it's fucking awesome. you can check live maps of weather, wind, temperature, ocean, chemical, and particle data collected by our satellites. It looks amazing too, I've seen a lot of hurricanes develop and run their course in real time, or keep tabs on air pollution caused by forest fires. Check it out, it's free and badass.

Work-related complaning 

Understanding how to start the 20-ish-years-old washing machine in my flat: βœ”
(I have to put the lights of the whole room on)

Understanding how to open its door to put clothes inside: :cat_tilting_head:

I'm finally moving in and in the middle of all the mess, my potatoes got happy!
I'm keeping those since almost a year, they were the grand-granddaughters of the first one I planted, back in Sweden.

I don't know if it's the humidity in the closed jar, or staying for a week in the dark, but they grew a lot a leaves and root! Time to put them soon in some earth.

ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

So I'm spending my Friday evening in Friend's home, using my phone to connect via ssh to my work computer to go to internet on a text-based browser because I can!

Happy Friday evening! I'm still living between friends' beds with my backpack but I should get a home this weekend.
I'm the meantime I discovered that now I know how to ssh into coworkers' computers, I can write messages to their terminals, and for some it's more efficient that waiting they look at their phone.

#bees #gardeningtips #solarpunk #environmentalism idk what else to tag, but

tumblr user wormssss has some advice for an alternative to pesticides in order to be gentler on our bee friends!

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