Since they don't make any type of game cartridge cases anymore, I decided to improvise.

nonwhite, non-cishet dads (boost to find dads) 

At some point is going to become sufficiently mundane to me that I no longer feel the need to post everything I print, but that day is not today.

Are people still breaking themselves out onto lots and lots of alts? I feel like that’s less common (but maybe I just don’t know about y’alls alts?)

(This toot brought to you, by me, while absolutely mutilating Uptown Funk)

The moment when you realize that your terrible singing voice and inability to carry a tune is actually everyone else’s problem and not something you need to worry about is the moment you become truly free.


I think I feel at my best when I'm caring for others. It makes it so I'm not endlessly thinking in anxious circles. I'm focusing on what I can do for someone else.

This is that nurturing thing that men aren't supposed to be interested in or good at.

Never fear, AirPod man is here— oh no he can’t hear us oh god oh fuck

We also have a product manager role that we are hiring for. You’d be focused on product development and strategy for donor management and outreach.

The ACLU is hiring for two senior software engineer positions. These are both remote friendly positions. Working here has been the best professional experience of my life. Come work with me and build awesome stuff!

The first role is focused on backend and data engineering:

This one is focused on devops for our web platform:

@tsturm Apparently they were so expensive and such a status symbol in the 17th and 18th centuries, that people would rent them to try to improve their social stature.

(At least according to this Mental Floss article. )

venting about online communities (ableism mention) 

Does anyone here use, used (or wanted to use it but doesn't because of the many issues surrounding it) tik tok?

Would you like an open source tik tok version for fedi? :ablobblewobble:

Do you, or do you know anyone who'd be up to the challenge of making it happen? :ablobcathappypaws:

I have some ideas... :ablobcatbongo:

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