I think reading is the only hobby that stayed with me for the majority of my life. I started reading in early childhood and was hooked immediately. I love reading! Unfortunately I can't do bookclubs. The idea of someone assigning to me something to read feels kinda... forced? Like I dont have a choice? Like I'm in school and the thing I liked doing suddenly becomes a chore?

Also, through the years I've become very picky with what I read. Nowadays it's only sci-fi. And I now dont pick anything that has 0 women in it or only as minor one-dimensional characters or only as family/lover

I really want to share what I'm reading with other folks who are into reading but so far I dont know how. I thought about starting a blog but I also want to have conversations, not just shouting into the void.

Maybe I have to force myself to find a bookclub anyway, it seems to me like the only option


@sparkling_void is a popular hashtag for comments on reading. Also there is the hashtag. They vote on and read a book each month but also people will jump in with random comments on other books by the same authors or such. It’s super chill

@z @sparkling_void I'm someone who has had bad experience with in-person book clubs and have loved being a part of #SFFBookClub because it's seriously so chill. We just use CW feature with chapters to hide spoilers and you can talk about this month's book or even whatever SFF you happen to be reading because we love all that stuff.

@z @sparkling_void I tend to be a little behind the actual schedule but still like to go back and read the books that the #SFFBookClub crew has read and scroll back to read their comments when I get around to reading the book, and throwing my thoughts into the mix. We keep a spreadsheet of the books here: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

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