trip report: this weighted blanket is the shit

We're back on Celeste and it's good

Oh I'm talking about ReasonML aren't I

So is there a language out there that's good like ocaml but also has tools and libraries that make them useful like Javascript


Is there an xmpp equivalent of irccloud out there or are we still all doomed to adium

Used to have one but low key I'm actually quite bad at relationships so that didn't last

Apparently with applicatives you can make parsers that run backwards as well as forwards and I'm so here for that

I want what every girl wants: someone to hold me in her arms, keep me fed and warm, and also a REPL and a decent type system


Who called it "founding the Boring company" and not "getting Car Pro Tunnel Syndrome"

Functional programming breaks you in this really specific way where you know the exact right abstraction to use, cannot explain it to anyone else and cannot conceive of how to make it conceptually simpler by abandoning the abstraction

This is the hard part, not least because it's a conceptual nightmare... As long as nobody needs to dig into the guts, though, they're gonna have a really lovely looking DSL

Nightmare Javascript status:
* implemented a seedable, immutable rng that returns a value and a next state
* implemented the state monad
* implemented sequence

I'd say I'm about halfway to being able to build declarative deterministic fake results for api calls

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"monad" is wanker speak for "has a flatMap method", in case you're confused about monads

Lemme tell you the monadic, compositional data confabulator I wrote in clojure a while ago was a truly glorious day of coding. Mildly overengineered but there's so much utility to having a fake api where you hand it an ID and it goes "sure I have one of those" repeatably

Actually, using a state monad to hold on to your internal PRNG state is a fairly neat way to generate large amounts of nested random data in a reproducible way, though it's a good idea to make guids the seed of anything depending on them

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