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Rules and Etiquette

Welcome! Please feel free to join us here, but if you do know that we ask everyone to keep a few things in mind. The following list is not exhaustive, and will be modified and expanded over time. Look, if you get it and you you're good with it, great. If you don't get it, figure it out - we can help! If you don't want to get it, maybe find somewhere else to hang your hat.

Own Your Weird

This is a space to celebrate our diversity. Be true to yourself and let others do the same.

Share Your Weird

Talk about the weird shit you're into! Talk to other people about the weird shit they're into! Make weird shit together! Post your art! Bots welcome!

Cultivate the Weird

Harassment will not be tolerated, oppressive behavior will not be tolerated, and while failure to recognize the boundaries of others may be met at first with a gentle attempt to educate you, repeated failure will not be tolerated.

Keep weirder.earth Weird!

No brands, no marketing, no data-miners. You're here to use it for its social function, not to exploit it for some other purpose.

Banal Bullshit Unwelcome

There's nothing interesting about homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism or any of the other unexamined default settings some people grow up with. Being a nazi isn't weird, it's shitty and aggressively boring - take it somewhere else. You can feel free to disagree somewhere else where none of us have to hear you. Enforced strictly.

More information

We have a page that gets a little more specific about this that you should take the time to read if you're thinking of joining.

You can read it here.


If you run into registration trouble, contact Eldang, Mcmoots or Vector here, or Mykola on Twitter for help.

If you have any moderation-related queries, contact Dzuk, Amazey, Distel, Vector, Mcmoots and Eldang.

Instance blocks

As you might know, Mastodon is made of many instances that 'federate' with each other to deliver you users and toots from many different places. However, not all of these instances actually do federate with each other and sometimes, instances actively block other instances, like we do.

We do this because there are instances that shelter people who have negative or threatening ideologies or behaviour. It's to protect our users from hate, harassment and general bullshit when we can't cooperate with an instance's administration on moderation issues.

There are also other reasons that we block, like to make sure we're not breaking the laws that other instances may not share with us.

We mostly follow BLOCKchain (apart from corporate instances). Most of our blocks are suspensions.


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