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Absolutely boggles me that the more modern a home is, generally the worse at storing potatoes or proofing bread it is.

I think anyone from like, pre-1920s would look at any of our houses and go "wtf are you doing"

Anyway I've got a bunch of potatoes that aren't good for eating and I'm wondering how they'd do if I just churned the gravel in the rainwater drain in the easement and planted them there.

But I'm already doing a lot to mess with the water flow around that area and I think I want to plan something more complex - I'm not sure but I think the drain is the outlet for nearly, uh, geeze, uh, maybe 8-12k sqft of territory? Cause I think the barbershop lot drains to it, and maybe part of the church.

I was going to tell y'all how much it rained on... Thursday, but apparently, despite living in a college town, there isn't that data available on any site I can find when I search for it online quickly?

Well, I'd guess it was maybe 3/4" of rain to maybe an inch and change, in a heavy downpour, and the drain had a streaming flow for the next 5 hours, so like, I can plant something that needs spring irrigation for sure.

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@emsenn (I use, if you go into the almanac it'll have daily records for rain and temps)

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